Choose a city and select your travel dates to see what the weather will be like during your trip!

This web app utilizes the OpenAI API (ChatGPT) to provide you with weather expectations for any city based on current and historical weather data. These AI weather responses are dynamic, which means you may get a slightly varied response each time you submit for the same city and dates but it should be relatively the same.

This project was started out of curiosity for the OpenAI platform and how it can be used to make our lives easier. Among the countless uses I've come up with, this one has been on my list for two years. Not specifically using AI, but utilizing some "API" to determine what the weather would be like wherever I decide to travel. It's the first thing I look up before booking a flight, especially if it's a new place. So I built this search engine powered by OpenAI - ChatGPT.

What I built:

What ChatGPT built:

Created by Vaughn Dabney. Powered by OpenAI